Friday, July 16, 2010

Song of the Day

Every Friday -- that's what Toda Seixta-Feira means...not sure about the rest, but this song sure as heck makes my Friday better!

UPDATE:  A blog friend in Brazil provides this translation:

Toda sexta-feira -- Every Friday

Toda roupa é branca  -- Every clothing is white

Toda pele é preta -- Every skin is black

Todo mundo canta -- Everybody sings

Todo o céu magenta -- Sky is all magenta

Toda sexta-feira -- Every Friday

Todo canto é santo -- Every song is a sacred one

E toda conta -- And every bead

Toda gota -- Every drop

Toda onda -- Every wave

Toda moça -- Every woman

Toda renda -- Every lace

Toda sexta-feira -- Every Friday

Todo o mundo é baiano junto -- Everybody is baiano altogether

"Baiano" is someone from the Brazilian state of Bahia.