Friday, June 29, 2007

Coming Right Along...

(Originally posted June, 2005)

So, I learned a few days ago that my seminary application is currently being reviewed and I should hear whether I'm in or not by the end of next week. Makes my stomach flip just thinking about it.

I've applied to Iliff, which is in Denver, CO. Besides the seminary experience itself, I'm looking forward to being back in the land of sun again.

Assuming I get in, I would start in January, their winter term. It would be nearly impossible to start by this fall, unless by some miracle we come up with all the financial aid and scholarships and money to move and my cielo gets her citizenship and we get the house packed all done by August. Doesn't seem likely...but you never know.

We went for a long walk last night and talked about the move. I think we are both ready now, although for my cielo it has been a longer process. We realized, though, that we'll be driving the moving van through the Columbia Gorge and around several mountain ranges during the dead of winter. We are gonna start praying now for good weather!

We got out the maps and got oriented, found a Denver map and spent some time looking at it, where the school is, where downtown is, stuff like that.

Exciting times!