Saturday, June 30, 2007

Friday Five: A Week Enjoyed

(Originally posted September, 2006).

This Friday Five from the revgals is Fairly Simple. Name five things you have enjoyed this week.

1. This slightly stretches the definition of "week," but what the heck. Last Thursday my cielo and met for a walk -- she was coming back from work and so I left the house and met her halfway. We went to get ice-cream cones -- my prize for a difficult phone conversation the day before -- and then took the long way home so that we could pass by the park; the house with the blue door and ripe grapes; the abomination of a new "modern" duplex that would look ok downtown but looks completely out of place in this old neighborhood, so I could show her that someone had neatly spray-painted "butt ugly house 2005" with great care above the mailbox; and the house with the abundant raspberry bushes. There is nothing quite as good as walking with your beloved, eating ice cream topped off by sun-warmed and -ripened grapes and raspberries, watching the setting sun.

2. Finishing the HRC commentaries with my group and realizing that we totally rock. Keep your eyes peeled for these Sundays: The Baptism of Jesus (Jan 7) and Transfiguration Sunday (Feb 18).

3. Hanging out with my buddy LiturgicalBabe for a couple of hours yesterday. We got lunch at the awesome Middle Eastern café (I had the falafel sandwich, YUM) and ate under a tree near one of the ponds on the DU campus (which shares the campus with Iliff). We had a great conversation and a lot of fun, and we both noted that with school starting next week, it will probably be a while before we can hang out like that again.

4. I've been reading the entire letter of Romans almost every day this week, so that I'll be really familiar with it when class starts next week. Yesterday, I read the whole thing out loud to the cats (Dodger was uninterested, Punkinseed began to go nuts about Chapter 7, jumping at shadows and running around like a crazy boy; I'm beginning to think he really does have issues with Paul). Since the letters were transcribed as Paul spoke out loud, and were intended to be read aloud in communities (this is true of the Gospels as well), reading them aloud can bring out things that might otherwise be lost or unappreciated in a silent reading, like humor, frustration, sarcasm. I've loved reading Romans this week, silently as well as out loud, and I don't care that it makes me a big ol' nerd. LiturgicalBabe has started calling me BibleBabe. Towanda the Bible Babe...I like it!

5. Getting in as much snuggling time as possible with my cielo before school starts next week and we both have classes, study schedules, and other activities to deal with. Thank you, God, for the cooler weather so that we can actually stand to be close to each other...!

Other nice things this week:
*A couple of evening thunderstorms, and a gentle rain today.
*More sunflowers and a few cosmos have bloomed, so my gardening wasn't a total failure.
*A very moving meeting with the pastor of the church I/we attend here.
*A phone call from an old friend who makes me laugh from my belly. If anyone knows where I can get a Mother Teresa in a snowdome, please let me know...
*Making lunch for my cielo when she gets home from work. It's the least I can do since I am, as my class mates (jealously) remind me, a kept woman.
*Plenty of baseball watched.

A great last week before the start of school!

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  1. (original post comments)
    Songbird Says:
    I have issues with Paul, too…
    Thanks for playing!

    revabi Says:
    What a lovely post. You brought back some memories of old neighborhoods I have lived in. Good luck with school.
    Paul is just as mixed up as the rest of us, only he dared write about it. I took Romans in seminary too.

    Wendy Says:
    What was the difficult phone call?
    Five things: 1)After interviewing to be accepted in the Lighthouse Intentional Community, I realized I already have a community I want to care for and actively embrace; 2) Attending the 10th Anniversary, first alumni gathering at Vancouver School of Arts and Academics. I helped open the school, taught there for 8 years, but was quite unwelcome in the last 2-3 years by administration. The reunion was AMAZING. Most of my advocacy was there, colleagues I hadn’t seen in years, quality performances. It was truly a homecoming; 3) getting my very first pair of Converse Allstar Hightops…teal green and I will wear them; 4)deciding to move in with Donna and hearing that she was excited to have me there; 5)the full moon painting slips of light along my white bedroom wall.


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