Saturday, June 30, 2007

In Which Towanda Outs Herself, Accidentally Sort Of

(Originally posted January, 2007).

So, I'm sitting in Hebrew Bible this morning, class is about to start, the prof. comes in, gets settled, starts handing out the lecture outline for the day.

(An aside...the "J" part of me just LOVES having a lecture outline...thank you, Mark!).

Having the kind of relationship with him that lets me heckle him a little, I say, "Wow, that outline is pretty dense, there." And he grins a little, looks at me, and says, "Why, yes it is, TOWANDA."

By which I mean, he actually says TOWANDA, and not my given name.

At first I thought he must have seen it on the button on my bag, or figured out which car is mine (OK, I'm a nerd). But then he says, "I found your blog."

"How?" says I, slightly nervous.

"Oh, I was searching Bible, Romans, and never know what you'll find."

Turns out he's been reading Sarcastic Lutheran's blog -- she's also in the class and is more public with her blog than I -- and ran across this post in which we mention his class in the comments. So he followed me over here. And, apparently, in between making dense outlines for Job and reading Ph.D. chapters, found time to poke around.

Later, we were talking in his office about the research I'm doing for him, and we got back to the blog...and that's when I realized it: He's read what I've written about his wife (see here, #2...).

Now I'm shy!

(And yes, the Protestant Hebrew Bible prof. is married to the Jewish New Testament I go to a cool school or what?!)