Saturday, June 30, 2007

To Do List

(Originally posted March, 2007).

By April 1:

-Reflection Paper for "Praying for Peace and Justice" class. Due Tuesday.
-UCC History Project. Due Tuesday.

To do:
-UCC Historical Theme paper. Due Tuesday.
-Early Christian History Take-home Final (3 essay questions). Due Thursday.
-Hebrew Quiz on Monday: vocab and conjunctions.
-Hebrew Final on Thursday: cumulative vocab and 70kazillion verb forms.

-Chair Meeting Monday morning of Social Action Committee, to plan:
-Iraq War Anniversary vigil on Friday.
-Meeting with my favorite prof. Wednesday morning. About the only thing I'm looking forward to next week, besides the fact that the quarter will finally be OVER.
-Vision meeting at school Saturday morning (Mr. President, you couldn't think of a better time to meet than the first Saturday of Spring Break???).

-Bulletin, sermon and presentation for my home church in Portland, where I'm preaching on Mar. 25th.
-Yay, we get to go to Portland!!!
-Meetings with local UCC church that wants me to intern for them this summer while their pastor is on sabbatical. Whoa.
-Finish "60/40" essay for school so they'll let me register again.
-Finish UCC scholarship application and mail it off.
-Do taxes.
-File financial aid paperwork (thank God it's online and easy).

Did I forget anything? God, I hope not.

And yes, I realize that blogging "to do" lists is not on my "to do" list. Neither is playing hand after hand of "Spider Solitaire" trying to come up with something clever to say in my UCC theme paper. What's your point?