Friday, June 29, 2007

Where'd She Go?

(Originally posted June, 2006).

Wow, has it really been that long since I've posted something?

Well, here's a quick update on my doings:

I'm making straight A's so far in seminary. Two summer school classes now under my belt but no grades yet for those. Just finished up a great class on heterosexism with Mary Hunt from WATER. Very provocative (the class), and Mary's terrific. I'm loving school and I know this is the right place for me.

Yesterday I did my first memorial service, for a woman I was visiting in the hospice program I volunteered with as part of my basic field education. I was nervous but all went well and the family was very happy. I am very thankful that my first hospice experience was with such a great woman who was ready to die and had made peace with her family, and who just exuded love for family, friends, and life in general. The family was ready for her death as well, as she had just been worn out by the leukemia that killed her at age 48.

Did a little sightseeing last week when Sulia Grace was in town; I particularly loved walking through the Garden of the Gods (Goddesses, we claimed). Got to do a little birding, and the red rocks are incredible.

This weekend will see me working on a paper about the subversive, justice-making work of the Holy Spirit in Christian tradition. Yummy stuff. It shouldn't take too long, though, as it's only 5-7 pages and I already have 1 and 1/2 done. So there will be good time for enjoying the 4th, relaxing, and watching baseball.

How about I post a little something I wrote for my Race, Gender, Class class last quarter. That's up next!

I'll do my best not to be quite so silent...