Sunday, July 1, 2007

For Those Of You Keeping Score At Home...

(Originally posted May, 2007).

1. The prayers of the people went better today. I made a little "cheat sheet" to help me not get lost.

2. All went well in general at HappyChurch, except that a certain new pastor forgot to be sure the regathering music after the passing of the peace was actually in the bulletin (some stuff got shifted around for communion). The choir director had a brief, um, moment before church...but the choir just rolled their eyes (at the CD) and told me not to worry about it. I love the choir.

3. I'm exhausted. How do y'all do this every week, those of you who do?

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  1. (original post comments)
    # Iris Says:
    Lots of rolling of the eyes and cheat sheets! :)

    Oh, and a genuine love of God and the church helps, too! You’ve got it all, Towanda! Glad it went well.

    # Towanda Says:
    Good, I think I’ve got all my bases covered, then — eye-rolling, cheat sheets, love of God and church! ;-)


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