Sunday, July 1, 2007

...In Which All Goes Well

(Originally posted April, 2007).

So, my first Sunday "in charge," as it were, at HappyChurch went off pretty much without a hitch. Folks were responsive and receptive, and seemed to appreciate my sermon. I was realizing this morning that when I stepped into the pulpit to preach, I was not nervous at all. No knees shaking or forgetting to breathe. I must have worked out my nerves in the first part of the service. Thank goodness they like humor because that's how I covered up my nerves in the opening welcome and announcements.

The part I had the most trouble with was the prayers of the people -- having to spontaneously respond with an ad-lib prayer after inviting people to share their joys/concerns felt excruciating, for some reason. My throat went dry, and I struggled to speak coherent thoughts. My cielo, sitting practically on the front row, told me afterwards she was praying for ME during all that -- "come on, honey, you can do it!" Yikes. I will have to do something thinking about how I can do that better...any suggestions?

Otherwise, it was a good Sunday.

This morning I learned that the father of one my parishioners died last night. So a call to her in contiguous state, where the family has been gathered waiting for the inevitable, was my first task after Hebrew this morning.

And so it begins.

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    # Iris Says:
    Towanda, I’m so glad that it went well. My hunch is that you are being too hard on yourself about the prayers. Try not self-censoring so much and let the prayers come to your lips.

    I’m praying for you as you are present with the grieving family.

    # Towanda Says:
    Thanks, Iris! I never self-censor. Never! I mean it! Really! ;-)

    Thanks for the advice, though, I think you are quite right.


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