Sunday, July 1, 2007

Nudge, Nudge

(Orginally posted June, 2007).

So, I was awakened by a nudging elbow this morning.

I was worried that I'd missed the alarm (which I usually do since my cielo sets it for classical music which I sleep right she has to nudge me, even if I'm getting up first). But still...

"5 more minutes...just 5 more minutes," I mumble.
"Huh?" my cielo says sleepily.

"Just 5 more I have 5 minutes?"

"Honey, it's 6am. You don't have to get up for 2 more hours."

"Then why were you elbowing me?"

"Because you were snoring in my ear!"


So, how was your Sunday?

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  1. (original post comments)
    Songbird Says:
    It started as early as yours, when Molly Dog decided our room was the place to be. My husband got out of bed, gave her a boost, and left the two of us to snuggle…

    Towanda Says:
    Well now, that’s a nice way to start teh day!

    Iris Says:


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