Sunday, July 1, 2007

One Eye Opened, One Eye Closed

(Originally posted May, 2007).

One eye open, watching the Twins-White Sox, trying to finish a reflection paper, brain too tired to think or much to care.

One eye open: Johan Santana has a cute little butt-waggle right before he whips off a pitch. I love Torii Hunter, he of the great smile and the amazing center-fielding skills. He makes playing that tough ballpark look easy, and he doesn't even use stupid-looking red-tinted "sunglasses" either (Darin, you look like a fool. You're inside for God's sake. I don't care if the roof has glare, you just look silly).

My favorite play: A White Sox batter pops up foul down the left side behind 3rd base. Twins fielders rush towards the stands, even the camera pans over to the stands. Suddenly the catcher points up and to the right. The ball comes down and falls quietly into Santana's glove.

Santana is standing on the 2nd-base side of 3rd base...where the 3rd baseman would normally be if he hadn't been all the way to the stands. Heh.

One eye closed: And in the middle of all this I gave up writing and went to take a snuggly-nap on the couch with my cielo. It's a holiday after all, right?