Monday, July 23, 2007

Pastoral Visit

Cancer sucks.

What else is there to say?

That was in the morning. Now I'm in Reformation/Enlightenment history, first day -- we just completed a whirlwind overview philosophical tour -- Plato to Hume -- and I want to ask (I'm not sure who but that's sort of beside the point):

What is the Cancerness of cancer? What is cancer's effective cause? What is the teleology of cancer? But the Englightenment boys can't answer that question any better. It's a disease that can be explained mathematically is not an answer that helps.

All our fancy words only get us so far.



  1. Yes, cancer does suck. And quite frankly it makes me question just why it is so damn important to sit around and discus the 'chairness' of the'chair.'

  2. Cancer does indeed suck. Never before have I understood this like I have since I became a pastor.

    PS-thank you for your kind note over at my place.


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