Thursday, August 9, 2007

I'm In the Library

Must must must get this paper done before suppertime. Because then I have to work on/finish another one. So that then I can write a sermon. So that then we can leave for Guatemala on Tuesday in peace.

But in case you're curious, I thought you might find it fascinating that apparently I think better and write faster standing up. I have kicked off my shoes and put the laptop in the windowsill (it's about a foot deep) so I can see blue sky and green trees in front of me and the Rockies to the right. (To the left is just wall...)

Plus, I get the curious view of the Dean, racing across campus at a full gallop, trying to catch someone in the parking lot. Heh heh.

Back to work...I'm taking bets: who wins? Kant? The Calvinists? Or me?

UPDATE: Done! Whew. I'm not sure who won, but it was sure a workout...


  1. You are the winner!
    Your cielo

  2. I'd pay money to see that Dean run across the parking lot!


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