Thursday, August 30, 2007

Little Miracles

Well, you remember the little old lady who swore she'd walk out if I ever spoke Spanish in church again? Who declared she wouldn't even sing the choir's benediction response since it was in Spanish?

So, on Sunday, HappyChurch pastor (I'll have to think up a clever name for him now that he's back from sabbatical) and I give the admonition and benediction and then head for the back of the church. The choir is gathered up front singing "Pues Si Vivimos, Para Dios Vivimos" and I turn around to look at them.

And there is little old lady, standing in the front row, singing. In Spanish.

I know nothing about how this came about, although my cielo, who sang in the choir this week, says that the director (who had clued me in to begin with) looked just as stunned as I felt.

We shall see what happens next...