Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Few Guatemala Pictures

Ruins of an old church in Antigua. There used to be an outdoor artesanía (traditional arts and crafts) market here, but apparently they moved it. Actually you can see more of the ruins now this way.

Mayan women's blouses, called huipiles. They are still worn to this day. On the right is the huipil for San Juan Sacatepequez, where we went the next day. I saw many women in the market with this type of huipil.

The main cathedral in Antigua. One of my favorite places.

San Juan Sacatepequez, the street market with doors leading into the indoor market where we bought textiles and hand-dipped Mayan ceremonial candles.

Somebody (!) holding a baby. This is in El Salvador. The sweet boy finally fell asleep in my arms. If I had not had to eat lunch (a stew made of veggies and beef spine bones w/meat) I don't think I would have ever let him go. I held him for almost an hour, and he never fussed once. His grandparents (this was their house) said this was most unlike him!

Cathedral tower in my cielo's hometown in El Salvador. Very ornate! My cielo said she loved this building as a child, although, as pentecostals, they were never allowed to go in.

Looking out over Guatemala City. We had stopped at this spot to drink atol, a warm, thick corn drink. Beautiful spot.

My cielo and two of her neices. On our last night everyone dressed up fancy for pictures. Everyone but me -- I was the "official photographer."

I have hundreds of pictures...hopefully this gives you just a taste of our trip.