Sunday, September 16, 2007

Random Quick Dots of Whatever

  • I think I forgot to mention that school started last Wednesday. I spent the day quite freaked out, for some reason. I think it was the "you will be evaluated by everyone, all the time" comment in our field ed. introduction that sent my anxiety meter spinning. Not what I needed to hear after the summer I had, and I could feel the anxiety shoot up my spine right to the top of my head. But, the next day I was fine. Just was in a weird space that first day.
  • I still have things I want to tell you about our trip to Guatemala/El Salvador and Santa Fe. Don't let me forget!
  • I have more homework from my counselor: 3 self-care things to do every day, no matter how minute they may seem. I'm trying these: 1 section of Eliot's 4 Quartets a day; what I'm calling a "daily dose of Indigo Girls" -- 20 minutes of music while I sit outside and do nothing; and reading a bit of a novel before bed. (I finished Sense and Sensibility -- even better than I remembered -- and have just started Pride and Prejudice. My parents just sent me more funny English novels, P.G. Wodehouse, too!).
  • I've also made a few other changes that have to do with self-care and protecting some sacred space in my life and home, like not cluttering the kitchen table with schoolbooks so that my cielo and I can actually eat together, doing yoga twice a week (thank you, TheologyBabe!), remembering to breathe (it's so easy to forget), protecting time for meals with my cielo, even if it has to be at school because of our class schedules, and Friday night "date nights." So far, so good...
  • Started back at HappyChurch today after a couple of weeks away. Met with the pastor last week to talk about my internship. Because he's been gone on sabbatical, I know him the least of the leaders at church. But you know what? He rocks. He really seems to get it about supporting me as a woman and a lesbian in ministry. You gotta love that in a straight guy.
  • Funny story -- my cielo and I got free tickets to the ballgame last Friday. As we were getting ready to go, I suggested she might not want to wear her new leather jacket in case some idiot dumped a beer on her or something. (It happened to my dad once...not the leather jacket part, but the big cup o' beer part.) So, she changes jackets. We get to the ballpark, get our hotdogs, find our seats (21 rows from the first base foul!). After I took a bunch of pictures, I sat down and got my bottle of diet Dr. Pepper that we had brought. I twisted the cap and WHOOSH -- I soaked me, my cielo, and the chair of the guy in front of me (which luckily he wasn't sitting in yet). For the rest of the night (and most of the next day), she gave me a hard time, as you might imagine! You didn't tell me that the person who'd dump their drink on me would be you! she'd say. My response: Hey, aren't you glad you listened to me about your leather jacket? Heh.
  • OK, if I'm going to get in any novel reading, I'd better scoot to bed.

Peace, y'all --