Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I was feeling better yesterday, almost like back in the land of the living, but today not so much. I think I'm just too tired. There's a confluence of events --
  • essentially not sleeping for 30-some hours the weekend of the protest (counting from when I got up Saturday morning to get ready to go),
  • not sleeping at all well since then (massively active anxiety dreams about protests and my affinity group folks -- going to one, coming from one, preparing for one -- and one guy from school who, as my counselor helps me to say, I experience as a total jerk who has been less than supportive publicly about all this, all of which means I wake up annoyed, distressed, and exhausted), and
  • a baseball playoff schedule thought up by insane people. I mean really, if I am in the same town as a team, why are they finishing at midnight? Does this schedule benefit anyone???
So, yeah. As a little pick-me-up before bedtime let me list a few things I'm thankful for.

  • My cielo who is a fierce mama bear and loving caretaker.
  • My affinity group folks who are so strong and courageous and inspire me.
  • My counselor, who Totally. Rocks.
  • The Rockies are going to the World Series!
  • Fall weather, trees changing, crisp breezes.
  • Somehow I did great on two quizzes this week that my brain was not quite ready for.
  • My folks who are so supportive.
  • Friends who love me.
  • Coffee dates with TheologyBabe.
  • HappyChurch -- my "support committee" for my internship graciously agreed to help me with one of my learning goals: to learn to trust a healthy church!
  • The kitties snuggling up in bed.
  • Our comfy bed with the new lavender sheets we bought as a treat.
Hmm...speaking of bed...

Peace, y'all --

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  1. Canadian baseball fan entirely in agreement about the weirdness of the playoff schedule!

    Go Rockies!


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