Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Morning Prayer

I wrote this this morning while looking out the front window at the snow blanketing everything, thinking of many friends who are on painful, but sacred, and good, journeys.

Gracious, loving God of all life,
I give you thanks for this day,
thanks for the sun rising
(not a miracle per Hume* but
I bet you've set him straight
on that by now)
thanks for a little bit of extra sleep
with calm dreams,
thanks for snuggly kitties
and the warm body of my beloved.
I give you thanks for
my family and my friends,
all those who surround me with love and care
from far away and from near
and I ask that you be with them
especially the ones who are hurting
and need your help,
need your presence,
I ask that your healing spirit
surround and melt into their hearts
like this heavy, wet snow,
melting into the dry and thirsty earth.
And I ask that you be with me,
as you have always been,
ever faithful.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

(*David Hume, incredibly pompous Scottish Enlightenment philosopher.)