Sunday, January 13, 2008

Housekeeping and Prayer Requests

Howdy all!

There's a new feature here at the window. Over in the right column and down a little, you'll see a box of links called "towanda's shared items." These are things I have found interesting, moving, funny, powerful, quirky. Enjoy!

And, I'd like to ask your prayers. This week (beginning Wednesday) is the first (and hopefully only) trial of protesters from the Transform columbus day Protest. 4 defenders go on trial; the rest of us are "on hold" until after it is finished. Please hold in your thoughts/prayers/energy all those involved -- lawyers, judge, jury, and especially the 4 defenders, and especially the 2 of the defenders who have not been on trial before (including my friend JT).

For my own self, I know a lot is riding on this trial -- how it turns out will impact what happens to the rest of us. I woke up this morning with a rising tide of anxiousness churning in my belly. And, funny enough, the closer we get to the trial, the more may shoulders, arms, wrists, and hands hurt. Huh.

I think it's no accident, however, the we go to trial right before the national holiday of someone who should be celebrated, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King.

I am convinced that love is the most durable power in the world. It is not an expression of impractical idealism, but of practical realism. Far from being the pious injunction of a Utopian dreamer, love is an absolute necessity for the survival of our civilization. To return hate for hate does nothing but intensify the existence of evil in the universe. Someone must have sense enough and religion enough to cut off the chain of hate and evil, and this can only be done through love.

----Martin Luther King, Jr., 1957