Friday, January 25, 2008

Update and Still Waiting

Haven't meant to disappear with you on the edge of your seats wondering about the verdict. Just finally had to leave the computer off after getting home from class so I could sleep. Tonight my cielo and I are disappearing to a hotel for a little mini-vacation, which we both need.

Anyway. Our three defendants were found innocent on a majority of the charges: Glenn 2 out of 3, JT 2 out of 3, K 2 out of 4. We consider this a victory, especially considering how much the judge limited our defense.

The city wanted maximum punishment for these fine, upstanding, nonviolent citizens: 1-2 years in jail, suspended on the condition they did not violate the law during that time period, and a $999 fine. She said the city needed to send a message to anyone coming to protest the DNC this summer (thus confirming the comments we overheard from police that day, that the way we were being treated was practice for the DNC), a message that if you want to use your 1st Amendment rights in Denver, you have to do it lawfully, you have to do it the way "we" tell you.

Uh. Just how many things are wrong with that sentence?

Well, the judge for once came down in our favor: Glenn and K got $200 fines, no jail time, and JT got a $100 fine, no jail time. Again, a victory.

The way we/I look at it, any outcome is a victory: Any guilty verdict and fine/jail means the state goes on record as supporting the racist parade rather than the nonviolent protest of the oppressed.

This afternoon is a hearing to decide what to do with the rest of us. There are still about 80 of us waiting. There is some talk of putting up all the rest of the Iliff folk in another consolidated trial, but we really have no idea what the judge will decide.

And so the saga continues!