Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Typical Night...

...sort of!

Me and my cielo, sitting on the couch studying. I had finished up an hour's worth of Greek study, and was reading an essay on UCC Polity.

My cielo was reading the Bible, for Hebrew Bible: Song of Songs!

Who do you think was having more fun? Actually, both of us, because she kept reading lines out to me until I had to ask her to stop. Otherwise neither one of us would get much actual studying done!

Now I've moved to the computer to read some online stuff on UCC Polity. I looked over at the couch and noticed a cat behind my cielo's head. "Hey, you have a cat behind your head," I said. She said, "And one on my feet!"

And then in unison, without prompting, we both quoted Psalm 139: "They hem me in, behind and before..."


We are both seminary nerds.