Sunday, March 23, 2008

Step By Step

OK, it's midnight and we are in LA. We have a flight out to Mexico tomorrow morning, getting us in exactly 24 hours later than originally planned.

Thankfully, the beach will still be there.

Highlight of the trip so far: getting giggly over Wolfgang Puck Gourmet pizza in the Seattle airport and deciding to buy postcards since, after all, Seattle was now part of our trip.

Seattle? Why yes, Seattle. Expedia figured the best way to get us to Mexico was by sending us to almost-Alaska...on the bright side, it was a lovely sunset over the Cascades and Puget Sound as we flew in, and we could see Safeco Field.

Anyway, we're in LA, we're spending the night in a nice hotel (on Expedia, you bet), so at least we'll get some sleep.

Which I'm going to do, right now.

Peace, y'all --

(P.S. -- Iris, I accidentally deleted your comment...sorry! But thanks!)