Sunday, May 18, 2008


I have been well prayed-over by my people. I have had my head and hands and throat and heart and shoulders and feet anointed. I have had my chakras opened and light brought into my throat and heart to speak truth to power. I have had my toenails painted kick-ass red (with flowers on the big toes, no less), and there was no henna at the global bazaar thing but my people drew on my feet instead (my cielo's, too). Which is way better.

I am ready.

What can they do to me, really? They cannot stop the power of what has been created, the community and unity and hearts opened and minds changed. There is no stopping the power that has been unleashed by a group of brave people joining arms and praying and singing for life and human dignity. No matter what they do, they cannot stop this.

I am ready.

(And hey, the yankees are still in last place. Isn't life beautiful??!!)