Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Playing in Sprinklers

Seems like these days I'm doing a lot of deeply internal processing...not surprising considering all I've been through in the last year. So, it's quiet here at the blog even though inside my head, not so much. Church is going well so far, I've been out in the community doing justice stuff related to immigrant rights, I've applied for a job, and am working on my ordination paperwork (any wonder why I'm not enthusiastic about writing a 20+ page ordination paper??).

Mostly, though, I'm quiet, internal. Mondays are the hardest days; I'd like to figure out how to survive Sundays without falling into a deep funk on Mondays that leads me to be grumpy with my cielo and friends.

Anyway, glad y'all are still here. Glad I am, too.

And here's something that made me smile.

Maybe I should try that. . .


  1. I'm glad you're still here, too. I agree it's not surprising your focus is internal, and it's right to allow yourself this time.
    The moose made me smile too!

  2. Cute moose! :) Sorry about the funk...funks suck. But we're all grumpy sometimes...

  3. isn't it lovely? aren't THEY lovely?

  4. Just wonderful! Interesting how the mama moose doesnt cavort through the sprinkler, but serenly enjoys it, and her calves as they play.

    We all approach the coolness of the sprinkling water as we choose...

    You're in a liminal space right now, with the ordination paperwork and what it implies still ahead. You're allowed to focus on the internal.

    There. I gave you permission to give yourself permission. DOn't you feel better now ;-D?



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