Saturday, September 6, 2008

1 Down, 1 To Go

I did just fine at the committee interview this morning, although the experience was a little weird. There were 15+ people in the room, and just not that much verbal or non-verbal feedback. Were they enthusiastic about my responses? Turned off? Enraged? I couldn't tell. No smiling, no head-nodding, no grimacing, nothing. They weren't confrontational or mean or anything. Quite polite. Just...rather non-responsive. So very strange.

I got lots of questions about why I want to be ordained. One (old white) guy actually asked me why I'm not just a social worker...what does my faith have anything to do with justice?

Seriously? Dude, didn't you read my 30-page paper talking about PRECISELY THAT???


A few people commented that it was the best ordination paper they'd ever read, and told me why. That was good feedback. And I felt like I had good answers to their questions. But the meeting itself left me feeling a bit...confused, and lonely.

Thank God the sun came out. Wandering One took me over to one of the funky districts of Portland and we walked around window-shopping, and I started to feel better. Had a good talk with my cielo, and JT who called a bit later, and got re-grounded inside myself.

The most important thing is, the committee did pass me, so it's on to the Ecclesiastical Council tomorrow! There will be familiar faces at the EC, and that will help a lot. Wandering One has read my paper (loved it!) and has good questions to ask me tomorrow to help me look and sound brilliant.

Now, I have to finish my sermon and prepare some notes to introduce myself at the EC. There's a Mariners game on soon, so I think I'll turn that on while I write.

Peace, y'all --