Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Waiting Out Election Day

The crock-pot-roast I decided to cook today to calm my nerves is starting to have a really nice smell. I used bison instead of beef, since it was on sale at Sunflower and is leaner. I put in potatoes, onions, garlic, carrots, and butternut squash. I have never cooked butternut squash (heck, I've never cooked pot roast, either...I don't really do the cooking at our house, but lately I've had the itch to make soups and stews). It is hard to cut, and I didn't know it had seeds inside like a pumpkin!

While chopping veggies and browning the meat, I listened to Sweet Honey in the Rock, about as good a remedy to national angst as I can think of.

I'm not turning on the TV until after 7, because before that would just be silly and make me more anxious. I do think that Obama has what it take to win the election...it's just after the last 8 years, I also think the gop has what it takes to do anything it can to steal it. So it's kind of a "holding-my-breath-til-it's-over" kind of situation.

I am, however, enjoying Songbird's live election blogging! And I appreciated the Velveteen Rabbi's plea after voting:

God: please, please, please may the outcome of this election be a blessing.

Yes, that's right.

Here's hoping...


  1. Mmm...sounds delicious. Just thought I'd stop by to catch up on my blog reading and say I love you...and I'm anxiously hoping too. And, also, if you ever need anyone to share those soups you're experimenting with, SparkleEyes and I are willing to offer our services! :)

  2. I'm always happy to share...but I'd need a bigger crock-pot! We finished it off without even having seconds (it was yummy).

    Hoping anxiously too...


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