Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year From Arlo

This is Arlo, with his human mama, Lori, and Cap over there in the corner. Isn't Arlo cute? Remember when I held him when he was just one week old? Now he's a bigger boy, and very cute!

We went up to the farm last Sunday, and I got to help Lori put the goats (and the sheeps and the chickens) to bed. I got to try my hand at milking the goats, including Arlo's grandma, but I was not very good at it. And they noticed! One of the girls tried to sit on me, gradually leaning over until she was almost laying across my back -- her way of saying, "I know you are not my mama, would you please let go?"

I loved hanging out with Lori and the goats, talking to them quietly so they wouldn't be freaked out by my appearance in the middle of their routine. We rounded them up into their "apartments" for the night, tossing in fresh hay and grain and closing up the doors so they'd stay warm and toasty and safe from the bears and mountain lions that live nearby. I found very calming walking among them and and talking to them and taking part in the whole routine.

Lori makes goat's-milk soap and cheese, both of which we love, and soon will be starting up a blog to promote her products and talk about the lives of the goats and other farm doings. I'll put up the link as soon as it's ready.