Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Busy Times!

Got a lot on my plate these days:

  • At my part-time nonprofit job, I'm crazy trying to get a new online donation site up and running and planning for our big event, along with my regular stuff. I'm also working extra hours to make up for being away while we were in Tucson and for when I go on retreat in mid-April.
  • Things are cooking with the faith community I started: we are about to move into our very own space, a multi-tenant center that a coalition of human rights-oriented groups in the area are founding. Very exciting! But...or And...it means stepping up fundraising in a big way, as we are new and very tiny. So a grant application went off today for a justice-y denominational-level grant, there are appeal letters to write and phone calls to make and meetings to have with the conference minister when he returns from sabbatical (not great timing for us!) to talk about getting new church start funding. Plus, there are coalition meetings to talk about how we'll collaborate, to look at architect plans, and vary and sundry other details. It all rather makes my head spin. But it will be *fantastic* for us when this happens.
  • Planning for my ordination! Whee! Today I met with JT to start planning the service, and I've already met twice with BlueEyes who is making my ordination stole and vestments. OK, the vestments are black pants and a black tunic, but my cielo wants to call it something fancier than "my preacher clothes." We bought the black linen yesterday, and very cool Celtic buttons for the tunic. The stole will be red on one side and black on the other. The red will have a butterfly appliqué that belonged to my/our dear friend and mentor Amy when we lived in Tucson on the right lower side, and a Salvadoran cross similar to these on the left. In the center of the cross will be Jesus wearing blue jeans, inspired by a quilt square made by my abuelita, which she gave to me when we were there and which I cannot bear to alter. The black side will have red flames coming up from the bottom. There may be more -- my mother sent me fabric pieces from special items to include as well.
  • Softball season has started! Our first game was last Tuesday, in the bitter cold. I went 1-for-2 and got an RBI. Tonight we were to have a double-header, but the dregs of last week's blizzard and yesterday's morning snowstorm have apparently made a soup of the infield.
  • And, I'm doing the Good Friday service at HappyChurch, which will require working up the liturgy and a sermon.
  • And, I'm trying to have a life! My cielo is in her last quarter at Iliff, and has a full load to keep her busy, but I want to be available for her study breaks!
Speaking of which...


  1. Wow! That is a lot, my friend. I love the description of your stole. Can't wait to see it!

  2. Great to hear how many things you're involved in - it sounds like life is definitely moving forward, probably at a slightly scary pace! I love the idea of your faith community and its very own space. Good luck with the fund-raising and I hope you write more about this as it grows.

    And pictures of the ordination finery in due course, please!

  3. I love these crosses.........these make me want to make you an apron.....and I am serious, not snarky about that....... your stole, your ordination, your thoughtfulness and reflection, your life....... it is all so holy and sacred and just right..........


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