Friday, May 8, 2009

Baby Goats!!!

Springtime is baby goat time at Westfarm! We went up yesterday to see the triplets who were born last week -- and for me to help out with chores, of course. We came into the goat yard and peeked into the first house to see this:

We began oohing and ahhing and GoatMama Lori poked her head in and said, "Hey, wait a minute! You're new!" These triplets, from mama Annie, had been born just a couple of hours before we arrived -- Lori didn't even know as she'd just gotten home herself, and Annie wasn't due til next week anyway. They are so new you can still see the fresh placenta over there on the right. 2 boys and a girl; the girl is the solid blondish one.

These are Mattie's triplets, the ones we had come up to see. Mattie is in front, Gingerbread is the doting and protective auntie in the red collar. Also 2 boys and a girl.

Lori and the girl, Robin. Lori says the goats told her all the babies should have bird names this year...

Me with Robin. Very soft!

Arlo checks in on the brand-new babies.

Part of today's chores included pouring iodine on the babys' bellybuttons to prevent infection, giving the pregnant girls (and Annie) shots to help assure their immunity passes on to their kids, and providing Annie with molasses water and extra alfafa.

Here's me with Annie's baby girl. Isn't she cute! We thought maybe her name might be Sparrow, but we're waiting to see if she agrees.

And of course, the chores must go on...Anderson and Tinkerbell looooove to play ring-around-the-house...


  1. Oh, these pictures are heart-meltingly sweet!

  2. Oh, multiple helpings of soft cuteness!! Yes, Sparrow sounds right.

  3. Westfarm Goat MomMay 11, 2009 at 9:39 PM

    Great pictures! All kids are doing well.
    I tried the name Sparrow for the little blonde girl - but I guess her name is Cinnamon. She is named after one of my really great does that was born in 1991. She died a couple of years ago - so the lineage goes on....

  4. Cinnamon it is, then! As you always say, the goats let you know what their names are to be.


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