Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ordination Eve

My parents, my youngest brother (TBro) and my aunt and her husband all got here fine today. We went out and stuffed ourselves on great Mexican food and toasted being together. Then we came back to our and played "the mother of all hearts games" per my brother's request. It was a blast. My aunt hates to lose, see, every since she was little she has been famous for it, and then there's a long history of Daddy always winning in our family games when we were growing up, and what joy it gave us to toss down the queen on Daddy. So there was much fun to be had when Auntie would set up Daddy to get the queen -- but then Auntie ended up losing the whole thing and much glee was expressed by all...especially my Daddy.

My niece -- all of her own accord, without prompting -- handed TBro a hand-made card and a baseball (tossed to her by a coach at the game they went to Wednesday...they have season tickets to the AA team in town, right down by the field, so she gets balls all the time) to bring to me, which I thought was very sweet. The card has big hearts drawn on it and "I Love You" written on the front.

I feel good about tomorrow. I can feel the adrenaline starting to pump already, which I hope doesn't mean I won't be able to sleep! But it's not anxiety, it's more of an


kind of feeling.

The bulletin's done, my stuff is together, there's nothing left to do but show up!



UPDATED to add -- My cielo wants it to VERY clear that SHE WON THE GAME. She's only played maybe 4 times in her life...also, I should note that I got a better score than TBro, which is pretty much my only goal...