Wednesday, November 25, 2009

the one with the collar, part two

another day with the collar on
another day at court with someone

i can't get over my hatred
of that place
and yesterday afternoon
certainly did not help

greengirl texts me,
soon you will hate
putting on the collar, too


is that what i want?
to hate the collar?

i decide:
i'll keep wearing it today
to grab a sandwich and
read my novel in the back booth

to go to the revolutionary meeting


to go have a beer
with my favorite revolutionary

i remember advice
from my therapist
after the arrest

do something life-giving
with these same folks
who were dealt death
associate goodness
with their faces

so: a beer and chips and salsa
and laughter and plotting
the anti-imperialist softball team

associate goodness
with this collar

coming out of the restaurant
we run into a homeless guy
cheerfully staggering down the street
asking for change

for once i actually had some
and dug in my pocket
my favorite revolutionary did the same

he kind of dips his head,
says, "hey! minister!"
"you got the collar and everything!"

for a split second i think
and then

"That's right," i say,
"this pastor's been
a busy girl today"

and put my change
in his hand

we head down the street
as he swings his arms wide
and hollers
"God bless everybody!"

"And you too,"
I holler back over my shoulder.

part one is here.