Sunday, March 28, 2010

Music Of The Day (or the Week)

Holy Week, that is.

I heard Bach's St. Matthew Passion on the radio today on the way to church (this exact recording) and fell in love with this aria (the aria starts at about 2:30, after the recitative). The text is about the burial of Jesus, but the music is so gentle and tender, almost like a lullaby. I can't stop listening to it, and humming it...

I didn't know which part of the piece it was to try to find it again, so thanks to google I found the list of movements on wikipedia and just kept plugging titles of bass arias (altho this version is sung by a baritone, which I like better) into YouTube's search engine until I found it. I was so pleased to find the version I heard on the radio!

P.S. I changed a few things in my sidebar, including adding a link to my new YouTube channel. Find out what I'm listening to and watching! (and hey, would someone let me know that link works?)