Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Current Musical Obsession

Isn't it gorgeous (in a variety of ways)? "Pur Ti Miro" is a love duet at the very end of a very early opera by Monteverdi called L'Incoronazione de Poppea. I had never heard of this opera until I started reading white shirt blogs, and never knew this duet until Purity posted it a couple of days ago. Goodness, was I missing out!

I don't blame Purity for the fact I've watched/listened to this about 20 times today...after about a half dozen yesterday...and a few more the day before, not at all!


  1. Towanda --You are so right - this is soooo gorgeous!!! The music, the acting, the passion! Thanks for sharing. Sherry

  2. You haven't lived until you see this opera, try to get a DVD as soon as possible.


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