Friday, February 25, 2011

Chiro Treatment #9

Chiro Treatment #9

in which your heroine
forgets to breathe
because the pain
shocks into
overwhelmed gasp

in which your heroine
and her mind
her being
is only shouting

fuck you
fuck you denver police
fuck you
get the fuck out of my body

rage in shockwaves
agents of deathempire
get the fuck out

thanatos running through
my muscle fibers
keeping me tied up
handcuffed in spirit

but i choose the n'shamah
the cold cup of water
the embrace of community
the stance out of place
the fierceness

and i tell you this,
empire of death:
you do not get to have me.
you do not get to have my faith, my trust.
and absolutely
you do not get to have my body.