Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Five: Grateful

I know, I know, I have all but disappeared here at the much going on, internally and externally, and much of it non-bloggable (in the sense of "how could I possibly put this into words" non-bloggable) at least as of yet.  Such a journey I have been on!  Nevertheless, the latest RevGals Friday Five is on gratefulness and since I am full of that these days, it seemed a good time to come sit at the Window again.

Here's the idea:
The Friday Five is very, very late but God is GOOD - ALL THE TIME so you are invited to share with us five things that cause you to be grateful.

So here we go:

1 -- An amazing community of people, including my cielo, my friends, my church, and my spiritual director, who have walked with me so steadfastly on this challenging stage of my journey.

2 -- Goat love.  This is Marshall.  (Don't you love my hat?)

3 -- Good work.  And the lovely people I get to work with.

4 -- A break in the heat and the possibility of rain.  Temps are supposed to drop from mid-90s (after mid-100s last week) this week to low 70s and 80s this weekend and next week, with rain possible the next several days.   Even if you are not in Colorado you have heard about the wildfires here.  Hopefully the break in the heat wave will help.  And, since we live with no AC in the house OR car, it will also be a nice break for us, too.

5 --  One of the Met's summer encore re-broadcasts is Der Rosenkavalier with the divine Ms. Fleming, Susan Graham, and Christine Schafer.  (There is a bass in there too, but really, who cares?).  You know where I will be on July 25, and yes, I will be giggling when the curtain rises, and crying when it falls at the end.