Sunday, March 31, 2013

Blessed Easter

A Blessing for Easter Sunday

You had not imagined
that something so empty
could fill you
to overflowing

and now you carry
the knowledge
like an awful treasure,
or like a child
that roots itself
beneath your heart:

how the emptiness
will bear forth
a new world
that you cannot fathom
but on whose edge
you stand.

So why do you linger?
You have seen
and so you are
already blessed.
You have been seen
and so you are
the blessing.

There is no other word
you need.
There is simply
to go
and tell.
There is simply
to begin.


  1. I have been back to read this several times - simple and calming.
    Blogger does not like my iPod iOS so I cannot leave comments when I want to :(
    But here I am on the Real Computer, enjoying this poem again. Thank you.

  2. So glad it speaks to you, Eyes!


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