Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Dear White Folk

My latest piece at New Sacred, in response to the shootings of 5 Black Lives Matter activists by white supremacists last night.  Also includes some action links from Showing Up for Racial Justice.

Dear white folk, you know what time it is.

Paul says to the Romans, the white people of his time, “…You know what time it is…it is NOW the moment to wake up!” (Romans 13:11, NRSV)

That time is now. That time is NOW.

Time to show up for Black and brown life. Time to break white silence about the horrendous damage white supremacism does to our communities, to Black and brown bodies, to our own souls.

Mother Emanuel AME, Sandra Bland, Jessie Hernandez, Syrian refugees, Jamal Clark…

Dear white folk, the time is NOW to show up and speak out and act for another America. Act for a prophetic vision of a whole and beloved community.