Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Marschallin Monday on Tuesday

I was traveling yesterday, but the Marschallin is never far from my heart. Here are a few clips from the Met HD broadcast in 2010 that started it all for me.  Fleming, Graham, Schafer.

Giggling women in bed behind Placido, overture, and opening scene:

I remember so clearly:  Wait, what?  There are WOMEN IN BED TOGETHER ON MY SCREEN.  How is this happening?  Also:  Renee Fleming captures my heart.

Are there any men in this?  Don't care.

The infamous trio made me weep: 

How can anything be so beautiful, so full of yearning and grief and joy?

Also:  Marschallin, dearest, I'm happy to offer you some comfort.

And also:  I maintain that Octavian is a fool. #ChooseTheMarschallin