Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Road Trip Beautiful

I missed two Marschallin Mondays but that's cool, because I was working on a story (you can read it here), because yes, I am still obsessed with Carol.  Don't you wonder what happened on the road trip, the things we don't get to see?  Well I did, anyway.  Enjoy.

I think we all need beauty.  This was a hard, heartbreaking summer if you care at all about the state of the world, and especially if you work at trying to make it better like I do.  Writing like this was a respite, not an escape but rest and the opportunity to create, and be immersed in something beautiful at times when the world is so not beautiful.  Sometimes that's opera (and my Marschallin) and other music, herbs, farmhanding, movies, sometimes, turns out, it's writing.

I haven't written stories since I was a teenager.  Poetry, journaling of course but not stories.  It's an interesting thing to come back around to (full circle, if you will), and I find I enjoy it.  Sometimes my imagination for the world gets exhausted, and this helps. 

A little more beauty for you, that I discovered.

Hélène Grimaud is spectacular and mesmerizing in her performance of the Rachmaninov 2nd Piano Concerto.  I was supposed to writing but I kept watching her.  Really stunning.

And, a beautiful fanvid for Carol, set to "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face."


  1. fyi Rosenkavalier at Boston Symphony tonight at 7pm ET is streaming at WCRB - Fleming, Graham, Morley

  2. Argh, I didn't see this in time! Thanks for trying to alert me!!!

    1. Yeah, sorry the lead time was so short. No worries, though, I think they will archive it, and if not, there are no doubt ways...

    2. No worries! I checked the website for an archived stream but no luck yet. What's funny is that I *almost* flew out there for it, but fall got too complicated.


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