Friday, June 29, 2007

Open Window In Denver

(Originally posted January 2006).

Finally, the Qwest people came and hooked up our phone service. So now I can read and write from the comfort of my very own "study", complete with daybed, computer, piano, and 3 sets of bookshelves. There is still more unpacking to be done, but the house is starting to look like a home. Got the TV/DVD set up last night, living room all arranged a couple of days ago, bookshelves put back together and books filling them. It's been a while since we've lived somewhere we could have out all the books and my cielo feels a little overwhelmed by the quantity...but my, it feels like home to me.

Yesterday we took the "day off", and explored around downtown. We took the light rail downtown and ate at Sonic for lunch...I know it sounds crazy, but we missed it. We walked throught the major shopping district, walked around the Capitol (the inside was closed for the holiday), and took in a movie ("The Producers"...much fun and silliness). We enjoyed the day immensely. Felt kind of like we were on vacation.

We are off to run errands now. The sun, of course, is brightly shining and the sky is blueblueblue. We think we're really going to like it here.