Friday, June 29, 2007

The Sun Is Shining

(Originally posted December, 2005).

Well, we have arrived in beautiful, sunny Denver! The road trip from Portland was mostly uneventful, with a small patch of icky weather in Eastern Oregon, and incredibly high winds in Wyoming. Overall, though, the drive was lovely.

We arrived in Denver Wednesday night, and slept in a hotel. Yesterday morning we went to our new house and unloaded the truck, and slept in our bed finally, for the first time since Christmas day. Ah. Even the cats were calmer; admidst the chaos of boxes and furniture piled everywhere, they do seem to recognize the familiar smell of our things. And they love the big windows, as do we, which let in the glorious sun.

We're at the library, using the computers here since our phone service is not quite ready. The day is lovely, we have seen Canadian geese over and over the last two days, honking and zooming through the bright blue sky. We have found the important places (besides the house and school, of course): Safeway, the library, and Starbucks! (We cannot find our coffee...).

So, just a brief note here, to let y'all know the Window is open again, with a beautiful view of snow-capped Rockies, flying geese, and bright blue sky.