Friday, June 29, 2007

Towanda Goes To School

(Originally posted January, 2006).

So, I filled my purple book bag with pens and paper, and off I went to school this morning. Today I had orientation all morning and then registration in the afternoon. Bought my books, too -- very exciting! Here is my class schedule:

Monday Night: 1st Year Colloquium/Basic Field Ed.

Tuesday: Justice and Peace Struggles: Confict Transformation

Tues/Thurs: Christianity in Western Europe in the Middle Ages and Intro. to Christian Religious Education

Wednesday Night: Intro to New Testament 1

I'm also taking a for-credit weekend seminar (this weekend) called Justice and Peace for Working Class People, led by Tex Sample.

I'm excited to start classes tomorrow. Well, I've already started with Colloquium, but that is not so much a class as a small group to work on discernment of vocation and call, and to prepare for Field Ed. I will let y'all know how it goes!