Sunday, July 1, 2007

Good Times

(Originally posted May, 2007).

Well, let's see. HappyChurch let their music director go yesterday...not unexpected but he went down swinging at the two who had to tell him. Not nice. So pastoral calls were in order yesterday and today.

Another call today, from the former choir director, retired, still attending, daughter is the church council moderator. She's trying to line up musical offerings for the summer while the choir's off. She lets slip that I pick lots of new hymns. I can't quite tell if it's a complaint or an observation...but I simply respond with a smiling, "Well, I haven't been here very long to know what you don't know." And she laughs. So I think we're ok.

Now if we could just get the pulpit mic set so that the older folks could actually hear me.

And that's the job, ain't it?