Sunday, July 1, 2007

Thought For The Day

War destroys every value for which Christianity stands, and to oppose war by more war is only to deepen the morass into which humanity has fallen.

--Georgia Harkness, Methodist theologian (1891-1974)

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    tngirl Says:
    I love her, Georgia Harkness, that is. She was one amazing lady!

    Towanda Says:
    She’d be proud of you, tngirl. Because you are, too!

    Wendy Says:
    Truth! And Poets AGAINST the War, or “We shall not give up the fight…” songs is war talk. Last Sunday we were singing “We shall not give up the…” and I just couldn’t sing it anymore so I whispered in Sherry’s ear, “We shall not give up the HOPE,” and she and I sang the variation with gusto! -W.


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