Saturday, October 20, 2007

Out and About

  • I got to sleep in with my cielo yesterday AND today. Nice! Usually we only get Saturdays because she works on Fridays. Sleeping in is one of my favorite things ever, and sleeping in with my cielo is even better.
  • Today was a gorgeous fall day. The sky was brilliant dark blue and the trees are just splendid in their color-changing fabulousness.
  • However, there is a snowstorm over the mountains, and it is heading this way -- the bank of darkness grows closer by the minute. Will we have our first snow soon?
  • I spent the afternoon at the walk-in clinic getting my hand checked out. I suffered nerve damage at the base of my right thumb because my handcuffs were too tight. The thumb is still numb and for about a week has become more painful. The pain, apparently, is from the nerve slowing waking up. So this is all normal. But if it is not improved in two weeks, I'm supposed to go back.
  • Driving around today I was noticing there are a lot of beautiful old houses around. It makes me sick that developers are knocking them down and putting up ginormous cookie-cutter duplexes in their place. I'd rather have an old place with some history and character, myself.
  • I got a bit of school reading done waiting to be seen at the clinic. I can feel my brain really being able to focus better now, which is good. Makes me feel like I'm back close to my normal self again. Although I still have stretches of not feeling that way. But, being the good student I am, not being able to be a good student just added an extra layer (or several) of stress. So that is a relief, to be past that.
  • I have two discs full of pictures and videos from the protest. I know one of the discs has about 300 photos; I'm not sure about the other. I have not been able to look at them, but I think I am about ready. I'll just be sure my cielo is nearby.
  • I am still having the hyper-anxious dreams every night. Thankfully, since I saw my counselor on Tuesday, the person I experience as a jerk has not appeared, so that is actually an improvement. But the dreams themselves are still churning. Now, though, it's just starting to piss me off.
  • You know it's a good day when the cute check-out girl at Wild Oats flirts with you... (Edited to add: "I'm better!" my cielo hollers from the study when she reads this. And yes. Yes, she is.)

OK, off to study Greek and watch the Red Sox!

Peace, y'all --