Sunday, October 21, 2007

Quick One

  • It did snow today! It'll all be melted off by tomorrow, though...
  • All told there are 400+ photos from the protests, and 7 videos. My heart rate went up as I got closer and closer to the moment the riot police came in...but was able to talk myself through them. We are safe now. We look so strong and fearless. In a couple of the videos you can clearly hear us singing. Here's a question: If we were considered such a threat that they had to bring in the heavy-armored and shielded riot police, then why are the police who are lining both sidewalks wearing regular uniforms and soft hats -- or no hat at all???
  • I'd like to post some of the photos but I'm not sure if I have other folks' permission...and of course I make a practice of not posting photos of myself. But maybe this one (which is actually one I found online): The short-haired one, with the flip of red (my stole) is me. You can see pretty well here how tightly the cuff is cutting into my right thumb...

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