Sunday, January 6, 2008

Random Bits of Whatever

  • School starts back up tomorrow. My classes are: Greek II, Ethics (from a professor I don't like -- the only one here I don't like, actually), Theological Imagination and Construction I, affectionately called "TIC," (with a prof I do like, and lots of should be fun), UCC Polity, and Advanced Field Education (my internship with HappyChurch plus a 2-hour a week colloquium). Up until the last hour or so, I was not ready At. All. to go back...I still think I could use a few more days off. But I'm feeling better about it now. I ran through my Greek flashcards this afternoon watching football and was glad to see I hadn't forgotten absolutely everything. Which is good, since we have a quiz on Tuesday.
  • My jury duty appearance is tomorrow. I think being on a jury would be fun, some day. But not right now. And, I'm annoyed that I have to get up even earlier than usual on a school day to haul my butt all the way downtown just to show them my paper and have them tell me "no thanks" since I'm still in a legal process of my own. Oh well.
  • Speaking of juries...most of the trials (including mine) for the columbus day protesters are on hold at the moment. There will be a consolidated trial beginning January 16th of four of the protesters, including one of my good friends. You can read an update here. Once that trial is over, they will decide what to do with the rest of us. I'm feeling alternately calm and anxious, which I suppose is about right. The judge is tough, but she's tough on both sides, so I guess that's fair.
  • A pet peeve: downstairs neighbors who never shovel snow, but park in our cleared-off parking spot on the street. That just ain't right.
  • Another one: they also slam doors at all hours of the day and night.
  • Our old boy, Dodger, is getting skinny (well, skinnier, he's always been skinny) and losing hair on his spine. I think it's both that he's old (he's about 15) and that all the door-slamming and dog noise from downstairs upsets him. So we are going to give him extra food...but just TRY keeping Punkinseed off the counter, where we put the dish of wet food that Dodger ate about 1/3 of...sigh.

Off to watch a movie with my cielo, one final snuggly moment before the winter-spring quarters marathon begins...

Oh, to be them...