Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year Meme

This is a meme floating around: Listing the first sentence of the first blog post of each month of 2007. I am not going to include other people's writing quoted here (like Friday Five intros). Enjoy!

January: Ok, here it goes:

February: Well, let's see.

(All right, this isn't very interesting so far...these are both the start of Friday Fives.)

March: In Hebrew class this morning, we were talking a little bit about "mystery" and how sometimes letting there be no clear answers is okay.

(That's more like it!)

April: Oh, this is so where I am right now -- and what I hope I am trying to live --

May: So, apparently I make children cry, AND piss off little old ladies.

(Ooh, remember that?)

June: Some of my seminary buddies and I talk about the slump we feel when the quarter is over -- after ten weeks of rushrushrush, writewritewrite, processprocessprocess (if you can), thinkthinkthink, there is this quite discernible collapse for several days after the quarter is done.

July: Howdy, everyone! Welcome to the new Window!

August: Remember this paper?

September: This was our near-to-last stop before we head home tomorrow: (photo) The rest of the trip has been just as fabulous!

October: Division Series Playoff Schedules!!

(Technically this is the second post...the first post was a quote from someone else).

November: Once again, Tess provides the best in video entertainment --

(Also a second post...)

December: Sometimes I wonder if my sermon-writing process must include at least one utter crisis of confidence.

Hmm...Mundane, sublime, painful, joyful, mystical. Sounds about right.

Happy New Year, everyone!


  1. Happy New Year, Towanda, to you and yours, not forgetting bones and ligaments and all them!


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