Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year Meme

This is a meme floating around: Listing the first sentence of the first blog post of each month of 2007. I am not going to include other people's writing quoted here (like Friday Five intros). Enjoy!

January: Ok, here it goes:

February: Well, let's see.

(All right, this isn't very interesting so far...these are both the start of Friday Fives.)

March: In Hebrew class this morning, we were talking a little bit about "mystery" and how sometimes letting there be no clear answers is okay.

(That's more like it!)

April: Oh, this is so where I am right now -- and what I hope I am trying to live --

May: So, apparently I make children cry, AND piss off little old ladies.

(Ooh, remember that?)

June: Some of my seminary buddies and I talk about the slump we feel when the quarter is over -- after ten weeks of rushrushrush, writewritewrite, processprocessprocess (if you can), thinkthinkthink, there is this quite discernible collapse for several days after the quarter is done.

July: Howdy, everyone! Welcome to the new Window!

August: Remember this paper?

September: This was our near-to-last stop before we head home tomorrow: (photo) The rest of the trip has been just as fabulous!

October: Division Series Playoff Schedules!!

(Technically this is the second post...the first post was a quote from someone else).

November: Once again, Tess provides the best in video entertainment --

(Also a second post...)

December: Sometimes I wonder if my sermon-writing process must include at least one utter crisis of confidence.

Hmm...Mundane, sublime, painful, joyful, mystical. Sounds about right.

Happy New Year, everyone!