Saturday, March 8, 2008


I said in the post below that we are going to Mexico with my folks in 3 weeks, but we actually leave TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY!! Shows you my level of distraction.

Here's what has to be done between now and then --
  • 2 5--page ethics papers, each on a different question, due Wednesday. Don't EVEN get me started on this assignment...
  • 10-page journal for theology, almost done, due Thursday.
  • 10-page paper for theology, due the 18th.
  • 2 5-page papers for UCC polity (one of which is already overdue because of the whole trial fiasco), "due" the 16th (our new due date worked out with the prof).
  • 1 page of an ID list for UCC polity, also due the 16th.
  • And 1, count 'em, 1 cumulative final in Greek, next Thursday.
I want to get everything but the UCC stuff done by next Friday. Then finish the UCC stuff over the weekend so that the first week of spring break I can enjoy myself without worrying about schoolwork.

Yes, we get two weeks of spring break!

That first week of spring break is self-care extravaganza --
  • Monday some of the arrest group is going for a day retreat in the mountains to share our stories about that day. Strangely enough, we have not really told each other our stories of our experiences, just bits and pieces here and there.
  • That night, we are all going here for "spa night!"
  • Tuesday, my cielo, BearGoddess and I are going for massages and then joining BlueEyes for a sleepover.
  • Wednesday, I have a Reiki appointment. I've been trying to get an acupuncture appointment but they have not responded.
Plus, I plan on sleeping late every day. I'll help lead the Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services at HappyChurch, and then we're off to Mexico!

Somewhere in there, I guess I need to pack!