Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Chugging Along

Mmm...turned in the two ethics papers. Finished the theology journal, it's ready to go. Finished the ID questions for polity. Knocking off an hour or so of Greek study every day.

Just (just! she says!) have the theology paper and two UCC papers left, and the Greek final.

The hormonal outrage of the last week is on its way out. Ahem. This means an uptick in energy and mood for me, just in time!

BlueEyes is taking me to a batting cage on Saturday, and I can't wait. We are going to hit baseball pitches, which I haven't done in ages...we'll see how I do.

Strangely, my right arm and hand are feeling better. I say strangely because I'm doing so much writing. But there it is. I spent Saturday and Sunday sitting on my exercise ball while writing, and then laying out on in every once in a while to stretch out my back. I wonder if that helps.

Off to drill verb forms...I am so ready to be HERE. The picture with the pool shows the green lawn outside the condo where we'll be staying (the interior shots are a different condo). I understand there is a hammock, where I will be doing much laying about and napping...

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  1. Good for you! You're rockin' and rollin'. I did my ethics paper and still have to start my Church History, Global Christianity, and Systematics paper, but the prof in ST gave us all an extension to April 4 and I'm getting an extension to April 15 for GC and CH for both the papers. I'll have to take an exam before April 4th in Ethics and Church History, but I think I'll take my Global Christianity one next week with the class. I will be SO glad to have this quarter over. I wish I was going somewhere as nice as you are for break...PH and I are going to a conference for him in Norfolk VA. Ah, well. I'm so jealous at how close you are to graduating! Then again, when I think that I've only got a little over a year to go, it's a bit frightening. You're my hero!


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