Monday, March 17, 2008

Update, Light At The End of the Tunnel Version

The UCC polity papers both went off yesterday. Field Ed. eval done. Now working on the theology paper. I have never had so much trouble getting started on a paper. I made a start last Wednesday, which I hated, and ended up in tears. Did my polity instead, hoping a new idea would come up. Started new idea last night, which I hated, and ended up in tears.

Had my cielo pray over my poor exhausted brain, and an idea came to me. Started on that tonight, and finally, thank God, it's going well.

Folks keep reminding me I've had a rough quarter, tiring, and all that. I think also my full-load-every-quarter-so-I-can-graduate-in-three-years insanity is catching up to me. Caught up, perhaps, and occasionally kicking my ass.

And yet last week I was sitting at my carrel in the library, next the the windows with the fabulous views, and looked at my little altar-pieces and books that have sat there all these nearly three years keeping me company, and a wave of grief washed over me.

Thank God for two weeks of spring break, and a trip to Mexico. I. Need. It.